A Unique Place To Workout

The mission of BodyRock is to create a foundation of wellness for the mind, body and spirit in a unique setting where people, regardless of their background and goal, can enjoy a variety of classes in a fun atmosphere. We strive to create an inspiring experience for each member of the BodyRock family. Our goal is to help people achieve an enhanced quality of life and have fun doing it!

Yoga Studio

A 90-minute session that includes 26 poses at 105°F. Be sure to bring a water bottle!
This hour and 15 minute class incorporates breath, slow movement to soothe and rejuvenate your body.
In yin yoga you will hold poses for up to 2 minutes. Emphasis is placed on connective tissues and lengthening of muscles.
Basic Pilates synchronizes breath with muscle movement. Muscles include the core, thighs, and gluteus maximus.

Spin & Sculpt Room

You will always remember your first Spin class with the owner of Bodyrock, Mary Miller. Class length 45 minutes. Please call ahead as their are only 5 bikes available. A private Spin room is curtailed to clients specific requests and needs.
Toning and strengthening arms, calves, chest, gluteus maximus and chiseling your core.
Balance, upper body, and core are all critical to catching the waves.
Posture, core, and strength are practiced in a sequence of exercises.
Resistance training, use of dumbells and/or kettlebells. Body alignment, core, and stability.
Zumba involves dance and aerobic movements performed to energetic music.
Wake up to the beat of your drumsticks. Cardio and core are integrated in this 45 minute workout.